UAS1000 EF Air Velocity Sensor Facilitates Thermal Analysis of Telecom Systems

December 14, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to optimize cooling for your telecom enclosure?

UAS1000 EF Air Velocity Sensor Facilitates Thermal Analysis of Telecom Systems

Thermal analysis for electronic products is critical throughout the design process, however it can be time consuming to get a comprehensive understanding of thermal behavior. Choosing the right sensors and data acquisition system makes a positive impact on the amount of time and effort required for thermal characterization. The UAS1000 EF (Electronics Focused) is an instrumentation-grade air velocity and temperature sensor designed specifically for printed circuit board (PCB) applications, and Degree Controls multipoint instrumentation solutions deliver ease of setup, ease of use, and plug and play operation.

Our telecommunications partners install the UAS1000 EF air velocity sensors inside telecom cabinets to determine airflow efficiency. They use EF sensors, in conjunction with temperature sensors, °C Port data acquisition, and AccuTrac software, to ensure that enclosure temperatures don’t exceed the manufacturers’ maximum allowable temperatures for IT gear such as routers, switches, and power supplies. The °C Port data acquisition instrument, paired with Windows®-based AccuTrac, allows users to concurrently capture multiple points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity at various locations within circuit board assemblies, line cards, and telecom rack cabinets. Multiple measurement cycles are run, collecting real-time measurement data until the electronics system is fully characterized.

The compact, right angle EF sensor sits squarely on a PCB and measures air velocity and temperature simultaneously. A thin, flat flex cable exits the front of the sensor and connects it directly to a PC or °C Port data acquisition instrument via USB. The high-accuracy UAS1000 EF velocity sensor also offers choices for velocity range, 0.5 – 10 m/s (100 – 2000 fpm) or 0.15 – 20 m/s (30 – 4000 fpm).

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