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°C Port DAQ Instruments - °C Port3600 sensor ports
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The °C Port DAQ instrument (data acquisition instrument) makes the process of collecting airflow data easier, more efficient, and more reliable. Engineers, researchers, and scientists alike use °C Port systems to get air velocity, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure1 data from multiple sensors at the same time, and without the need for human intervention. Using […]

c port 1200 wifi
Posted By: Jan Fischer

All °C Port Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Instruments are Wi-Fi Enabled Remote access to your airflow measurement data is now easier than ever. The new °C Port1200 with Wi-Fi is available beginning September 15, 2020, making all multipoint dataloggers from Degree Controls Wi-Fi enabled. °C Port Wi-Fi Instrument for Scientific Experimentation and Product Testing The °C Port product […]

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