°C Port DAQ Instruments for Better Test Processes and Test Results

May 11, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The °C Port DAQ instrument (data acquisition instrument) makes the process of collecting airflow data easier, more efficient, and more reliable. Engineers, researchers, and scientists alike use °C Port systems to get air velocity, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure1 data from multiple sensors at the same time, and without the need for human intervention. Using the °C Port instrument for multipoint airflow measurement improves both test processes and test results.

The °C Port3600 accepts a mix of up to 36 sensor inputs and enables simultaneous measurement of air velocity, temperature, humidity, and air pressure in real-time. For smaller scale measurement applications, the °C Port1200 has a 12-sensor channel count. °C Port data acquisition instruments are designed to work together with AccuTrac™ software and USB sensors and sensing arrays as a unified system. AccuTrac™ is the interface software which allows users to configure tests and extract data from °C Port DAQ instruments. The °C Port, paired with AccuTrac™, enables precise multipoint measurement at regular, user-specified intervals, with data logging and data analysis.

To provide the best in accuracy and repeatability, °C Port instruments include an internal pressure sensor to compensate for changes in ambient conditions. In addition, the °C Port’s built-in LCD display indicates current system status and network information for the convenience of users.

°C Port DAQ Instruments - °C Port3600 sensor ports

°C Ports are versatile, enabling users to put together the multipoint airflow and temperature data acquisition system that best fits their application needs. Degree Controls multipoint instrumentation systems are plug and play and easy to use. USB sensors and sensing arrays plug directly into °C Port data acquisition instruments, and sensors may be added to open channels at any time. For local or remote data logging and analysis, Ethernet or Wi-Fi communication connects the °C Port to a laptop or PC with Windows®-based AccuTrac™ software. If users need to further increase the number of measurement locations, multiple °C Ports may be connected on a computer network, and data for up to 180 measurement points can be collected within a single AccuTrac™ session.

Engineers and technicians faced with numerous measurement locations turn to the °C Port DAQ instrument and miniature USB air flow and temperature sensors from Degree Controls. Compared to the single point measurement approach, multipoint °C Port DAQ systems provide more reliable, time-efficient measurement solutions. Multipoint instrumentation systems record airflow and temperature measurements automatically, systematically, and with minimal impact to the flow profile.

1Air pressure, or barometric pressure, decreases as altitude increases.

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