Tag: Data Center Temperature Control

HotSpotr 2.0 Underfloor Fan Tray from Degree Controls
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Are you responsible for data center airflow management? Do you need to move increased volumes of cool air from existing computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units to server inputs? The HotSpotr 2.0 underfloor air mover eliminates data center hot spots. It is intended to be attached to underfloor stanchions, independent of the perforated floor tile […]

data center cooling
Posted By: Jan Fischer

Better Cooling and Cost Savings Data centers need sufficient cool air, and data center performance is more efficient and reliable with balanced cooling. The portable °C Grate airflow measurement tool is specifically designed for quickly testing airflow rates over perforated floor tiles in data centers, office spaces and laboratory environments.  °C Grate provides accuracy to […]

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