Why Choose the UAS1000?

Precise, easy-placement sensors designed for single or multi-point measurements in a variety of applications with a convenient, USB output for data collection with your PC or Laptop. Choose the sensor head and flow range that best suit your application (3% accuracy available).

Specifications & Details

  • Laboratory-grade compliance with EF, LP, PC, and Wand heads: 3% Velocity Accuracy
  • Accuracy (the greater of): ±0.015 m/s (3 fpm) or ±3% of reading with EF, LP, PC, and Wand
  • Standard Calibrated Flow Range: 0.15 – 20.0 m/s (30 – 4000 fpm) with LP, PC, Wand and XS
  • Power: USB-Based input, use PC or °C Port Instrument
  • RoHS Certified & CE Marked
  • Supported Software: AccuTrac™

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Questions about the UAS1000?

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