Windshield Defrost Tester

March 8, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Mechanically flexible airflow sensor array with datalogging software streamlines automotive windshield defrost testing for HVAC engineering teams.

Flexible grid arrays of air velocity and temperature sensors from Degree Controls measure airflow distribution across planar areas with simultaneous polling of up to 200 sensors. Automotive manufacturers, HVAC designers, and quality engineers use the °C SPAR (sensor pole array) linear array to measure airflow from vehicle defrost vents, validating systems performance and updating designs according to experimental test results. The defrost system is one of the most important systems in a vehicle and prevents dangerous driving conditions, particularly in cold and wintry environments. The °C SPAR multipoint airflow sensing system streamlines windshield defrost testing, yielding accurate results with test setups that can be easily reproduced.

The °C SPAR system includes a digital signal processor box and application software which captures streaming data from the sensor array and displays airflow measurement results on a PC. Real-time gradient mapping of both air velocity and air temperature helps engineers evaluate defrost capability and uniformity. In addition, the datalogging software allows users to setup test models, change airflow preferences, and save measurement results in convenient .csv and .png formats.

The flexible °C SPAR mounts to a windshield by means of heavy-duty magnets on either side of the glass. Adjustable standoffs allow the user to change the distance between the airflow sensors and glass windshield to accommodate different dashboard and vent configurations. For cases where airflow is moving at an angle relative to the sensor, such as toward the outer edges of the windshield, sensors may be individually rotated to align with the dominant flow vector.

Windshield defrost tester, °C SPAR airflow sensing array system

Unlike single point measurement systems, flexible °C SPAR sensor array systems conform to the curvature of windshields and collect airflow data from numerous measurement locations concurrently. °C SPAR systems are designed to meet user-defined specifications including dimensions, sensor quantity, and calibration range. These fixed and flexible airflow instrumentation grids from Degree Controls are well suited for cabin comfort, engine compartment, and HVAC system testing in the automotive industry, as well as other applications where testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous airflow measurement locations.

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