UAS1000 RF for PCBA thermal analysis – embedded board mount air velocity sensing for single or multi-point measurements

rf embedded airflow sensor
October 23, 2020 | Posted By: Steve Carter

New Air Velocity Reference (RF) Sensor

Easily add airflow sensing to your printed circuit board assemblies using the new reference sensor with instrumentation solution from Degree Controls. The new UAS1000 RF, reference sensor, designed to be integrated into thermal load cards, test boards and test equipment, is the latest addition to our UAS1000 Series of air velocity and air temperature sensors used with °C Port3600/ °C Port1200 Multipoint Measuring Instruments.

UAS1000 in use

The RF reference sensor consists of a UAS1000 sensor body for sensor electronics, and remote, board-mount sensor head, giving users the freedom to embed the sensor head into printed circuit board assemblies and thermal test chips for real time air velocity and temperature measurements, without using valuable space on the test board for sensor electronics:

  • Small sensor footprint (6mm x 6mm)
  • Solder the sensor directly to your board, or socket mount, for easy removal and flexible measurement locations
  • Single or multi-point airflow measurements, use multiple sensors for detailed airflow analysis
  • Convenient, USB output to a PC or °C Port1200/ °C Port3600 multi-channel data acquisition instrument
UAS1000 RF

Connect the °C Port to a PC or local network switch, and add Windows-based AccuTrac™ software to collect real time air velocity, air temperature, and humidity data, with automatic compensation for barometric pressure. The UAS1000 RF is ideal for testing thermal load cards and high density product evaluation boards in wind tunnels, chassis, and environmental chambers. Contact us to place your UAS1000 RF order now.

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