UAS1000 Advances Vehicle Aerodynamics – Multipoint airflow sensing & instrumentation for automotive development

automotive multipoint airflow sensing
October 23, 2020 | Posted By: Steve Carter

UAS1000 Platform Advances Vehicle Aerodynamics

Air velocity and temperature sensors are widely used in automotive design, development and assessment. Automakers rely on airflow sensors and associated instrumentation for data acquisition and analysis. The right vehicle airflow dynamics improves fuel efficiency, reliability, comfort, and safety. Vehicle aerodynamics also transfers air flow to heat exchanger systems, keeping engines and battery compartments cool, and improving HVAC systems for enhanced cabin comfort.

uas1000 airflow sensor from degree controls

The UAS1000 Series of air velocity and temperature sensors from Degree Controls allows fast, effective, single and multipoint air velocity measurements for automotive applications test and experimentation including:

  • Heat exchanger (engine, battery cooling)
  • Cabin comfort and HVAC performance
  • Windshield and glass defrost testing
  • Wheel well dynamics
  • Undercarriage (transmission cooling)

The UAS1000 air velocity sensors feature 3% accuracy with the convenience of USB connectivity. Air velocity and temperature are measured simultaneously, and small sensor heads permit easy access to hard-to-reach locations. Simultaneous readings from multiple USB sensors can be logged and analyzed in real-time by using a °C Port data acquisition instrument with AccuTrac™ software.

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