Time to Calibrate Airflow Equipment?

December 7, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Airflow sensors and instruments should be calibrated at periodic intervals. For measurement results you can count on, check to see if it is time to calibrate airflow equipment.

Time to Calibrate?

From time to time, equipment calibration is overlooked. Calibration provides assurance that sensors and instruments are measuring accurately and establishes measurement traceability. Calibrating at regular intervals minimizes risks to product quality and ensures data integrity for engineering design processes.

When deposits are visible on the sensing element, or after a year of use, Degree Controls recommends recalibrating your air velocity sensors. The calibration interval may be longer if the sensors were not exercised often, and we can help you determine the right recalibration policy for your business, based on your described use.

Contact Degree Controls to initiate a recalibration service for your airflow sensing devices. All velocity instrumentation is calibrated at our facility using a NIST traceable Dantec Laser Doppler Velocimeter and following ISO 9001 certified processes. Degree Controls always performs a full re-certification of its sensors and sensing instruments. Other calibration sources can only verify accuracy, they cannot confirm operation across the entire performance range of the air velocity sensor or reprogram it.

Visit us online at https://www.degreec.com/recalibration-service, or contact us at rma@degreec.com to start a recalibration. For your convenience, many of our recalibration services may be purchased through our web store.

Note:  Clause 7.1.5 Monitoring and measuring resources of ISO 9001, the internationally recognized standard for a quality management system, states:  The organization shall determine and provide the resources needed to ensure valid and reliable results when monitoring or measuring is used to verify the conformity of products and services to requirements.

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