Thermal Management Controllers Fan Tray Assemblies

smart thermal management controllers
January 11, 2021 | Posted By: John Callanan

Degree Controls environmental controllers control any device used in a thermal management system – fans, heaters, AC or DC motors, pumps, and more. DegreeC controller boards are customized, to suit the equipment design & application needs of the product designer. Simple integration and compliance engineering are hallmarks of our expertise.

Our environmental controller platform includes controllers for temperature-based fan RPM control, with fault monitoring and predictive fan failure, for single or multiple fan systems. Typical applications for these fan controllers are cabinet & chassis cooling, air cooled test apparatus, and overcoming filter clog or thermal scenarios, where programmable fan speed control is required.

Our heater controllers use sensed or communicated temperature data, and are capable of controlling multiple zones independently. Programmable, multi-zone, temperature and time controllers from Degree Controls are used for warming, heating, and cooling in food service, medical imaging and optical equipment.

In addition to thermal mitigation & heating controllers, we design and manufacture value-add assemblies to move air and deliver cooling. Our programmable fan tray systems provide automated cooling to COTS ATCA and Carrier Grade Rack Mount Servers (CGRMS), racks, and electronic systems around the world. Compliance certification is conducted at this sub-assembly level for our clients.

Explore our selection of intelligent controllers and fan tray assemblies for datacenter and telecom cooling, equipment process optimization, and threshold alarming. If you need to customize for electrical noise suppression or managing in rush current, or if your application requires something special, we’ve probably developed solutions like the one you need. We can modify our standard controller designs to give you just what you’re looking for, or design from a blank sheet.

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