Tag: AMC Filter Performance

Degree Controls C Breeze Smoke-Machine-Kit
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Is it time to upgrade your cleanroom fogger? A °C Breeze portable smoke machine purchased before 2018 may be nearing the end of its projected life. To support your planning, Degree Controls experts will work with you as you determine how to move forward. The newest model of the °C Breeze fog generator is more […]

amc filter clean room qualification
Posted By: Jan Fischer

AMC Filtration for Contamination Control Airborne molecular contamination (AMC), or chemical contamination, is the presence of gases or vapors in the atmosphere that may have a detrimental effect on process, equipment, and product in cleanrooms and controlled environments. AMC is a concern for the semiconductor industry, wafer fabrication, hard drive manufacturing, and other high technology […]

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