Switches Verify Airflow in Web Cleaning Systems

October 4, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
switches verify airflow

Packaging/converting machines use air velocity switches to monitor airflow and achieve higher product yields.

Packaging machines package wet or dry product using flexible materials such as paper, foil, and plastic film to create containers which are sealed using heat or pressure. Packages used for pharmaceutical, medical, and personal care products include bags, pouches, blister packs, and trays. Automated form-fill-seal (FFS) machines produce these product containers using long, continuous rolls of thin, flat materials referred to as webs. The process of transforming these webs, or roll goods, into an intermediate or final packaging structure is known as converting. Forming, slitting, printing, and die cutting are common converting processes found in FFS machinery. Note:  PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, is a global resource for the packaging and processing industry with headquarters in Herndon, VA.

Embedded airflow sensors and switches from Degree Controls are integral to the non-contact web cleaners which use vacuum technology for removing particulates from webs. For instance, our S-Series air velocity switches verify airflow in the web cleaning system of a medical tray sealer. High flow vacuum hoods are mounted above and below the Tyvek web, pulling particulates from top and bottom surfaces.  A dust collector draws air from both cleaning hoods. Airflow switches are installed where the vacuum hoses connect to the dust collector to assure negative airflow is present and foreign matter is being pulled into the hoods. If air velocity drops below the user defined set point, the switch provides an alarm signal to the controller. The switch moves out of the alarm state and back to the normal state when the airflow recovery point is reached.

S-Series switches are available as non-directional, sensing flow from either direction, or directional, sensing flow from only one direction. Switches are configured to order with a variety of choices for velocity range, mechanical length, and output communication style.

Add an airflow sensor or switch to your automated packaging and converting machinery. A clean web reduces waste, minimizes down time, and results in higher product yields.

s-series switch
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