Switches Monitor Drying Airflow

October 25, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
Switches monitor drying systems airflow
Airflow Switches Improve Drying Systems in Manufacturing

Drying prevents residual water and solvent from interfering with finishing processes. It extends product shelf life, protecting materials by removing moisture to safe levels. In the pharmaceutical industry, the drying process is essential to dosage form quality. Airflow switches from Degree Controls ensure industrial drying equipment operates as designed.

In a basic drying system, a supply fan or blower pulls in air from the outside. Air then moves through a heater and/or filter before being ducted to the supply plenum of a drying chamber. Humid air is continually removed from the chamber and replaced with fresh make-up air to maintain optimum drying conditions. Air velocity switches ensure that fans and blowers are operational and provide adequate flow. In addition, if a damper is closed upstream of the supply blower, limiting make-up air, a probe-style airflow switch installed in the supply duct signals an alarm condition. Similarly, a switch installed in the exhaust duct alerts users to a closed downstream damper or blocked exhaust flow.

Our S-Series product line of air velocity and temperature switches are designed with conformal coated electronics and sealed enclosure. S-Series switches are configured to order, with user selectable trip point and a variety of velocity ranges, probe lengths, and output communication styles. UART or digital communication is also available. For applications where the flow level may change, our S100 switch has an adjustable velocity trip point for easy, in the field programmability.

Add a smart system of airflow switches from Degree Controls to control product quality and keep industrial drying systems performing consistently.
Note:  The Center for Advanced Research in Drying (CARD) focuses on developing novel technologies, equipment, and strategies that enhance and optimize drying in US manufacturing industries.

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