Sensible Multipoint Sensing of Air Velocity and Temperature

February 12, 2021 | Posted By: Jan Fischer

Multipoint Sensing Saves Time & Avoids Measurement Inaccuracies

Using the single point measurement approach to measure airflow at multiple points is loads of work and may result in measurement inaccuracies. R&D groups turn to Degree Controls for multipoint sensing and data acquisition solutions when testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous, measurement locations. 

°C SPARs and °C Grids measure air velocity & temperature at multiple points in real time. The °C SPAR Sensor Pole Array system is a linear sensing array designed for use with our °C Port family of data acquisition instruments and AccuTrac™ software. The °C Grid is a comprehensive solution for measuring, mapping, and managing airflow, and comes replete with grid sensor array, interface box, cables, and software.

c grid air velocity and temperature sensor array

For grid-based measurements where the number of sensors and sensor locations stay the same from test to test, the °C Grid system is the best way to go. Sensor positions are fixed, for customers who will test the same thing again and again. For grid-based airflow measurements where test layouts will change, a framework of °C SPARs is the best way to go. Our custom frames have provisions for users to change the location and direction of °C SPAR linear arrays within the frame. °C SPARs may also be added to the frame, at any time, to increase measurement points.

c grid system in a data center

Engineers use our multipoint sensing array systems for all types of applications including measuring airflow entering radiators and entering/exiting racks in data centers, measuring the face velocity of air distribution grilles and diffusers, and measuring flow velocity in wind tunnels to develop models for assessing the deposition of PM (particulate matter) on plants. Contact Degree Controls to learn more.


DegreeC manufactures both instrumentation-class airflow sensors and sensors embedded in some of the world’s most demanding products. These airflow monitoring solutions are for electronics, laboratory, building, and industrial safety applications to bring air precisely where it’s needed. We also develop custom fan and heater controllers for OEM applications.

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