Rooster™ Alarm Monitors Air Velocity for Chemical Storage

July 14, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The Rooster™ Alarm monitors air velocity to ensure the required air changes per hour (ACH) are met in chemical storage and mixing areas.

With the beginning of the summer season, many are making their way to swimming pools. Pool locations, pump rooms, and chemical storage areas should be well ventilated. The Rooster™ Alarm provides full time tracking of air velocities for chemical mixing and storage rooms, warning facility managers and EH&S professionals of potential buildups of hazardous vapors and gases. Installation is straightforward, and the Rooster™ airflow alarm is easy to operate.

The Rooster™ airflow monitor’s probe-style sensor is typically installed in HVAC duct work. Once positioned, a single press of a button calibrates the Rooster™ Alarm. The airflow monitor then alarms audibly and visually if there is a loss of airflow. For interoperability and communication to a control system, connect to the Rooster™ airflow alarm’s relay output.

Rooster™ is a reliable, affordable way to monitor airflow safety. Use the Rooster™ Alarm to monitor supply, return, and exhaust airflows to ensure chemical storage spaces are well-ventilated and environments kept safe.

Rooster™ Alarm Monitors Air Velocity for Chemical Storage

Rooster™ Alarm Monitors Air Velocity

OSHA’s 1910.106 – Flammable liquids includes ventilation requirements for inside storage rooms.

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