Room Pressure Monitoring for Cruise Ship Medical Centers and Isolation Areas

August 27, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Cruise Ship Medical Centers Use Pressure100

Used for monitoring ICUs and cleanrooms for air velocity and pressure.

We’ve enjoyed supporting customers in the cruise industry with Rooster™ airflow and pressure monitor deployments. As cruise lines upgrade their HVAC systems, Rooster™ makes indoor environments even safer and gives peace of mind to passengers and crew members alike. The Pressure100 meets the needs of hospitals, laboratories, and cleanrooms for room pressure monitoring. Thus, it is the logical choice for monitoring air pressure in medical centers and quarantine and isolation areas on cruise ships. (Note:  ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 170-2021 provides guidance on pressure relationships and room air exchange rates for spaces in healthcare facilities.)

Pressure100 displays air pressure, temperature, and humidity in real time. With the Rooster™ Pressure’s glove-friendly, touch panel display and intuitive interface, users can easily set alarm thresholds and configure alarm behavior. Red/green screen backgrounds convey room pressure status. Audible alarming and a flashing LED alert occupants if room pressure levels exceed user defined setpoints. The Pressure100 also activates an alarm output relay which can be used for remote monitoring or control. The Rooster™ Pressure100 display module is typically mounted near an access door in the controlled room, at eye level, with the pressure sensor mounted above it. However, the display panel may also be mounted in the reference space.

Rooster™ Pressure helps meet the requirements for negative air pressure outlined in cruise ship guidance, the CDC’s Framework for Conditional Sailing Order (CSO). In addition, the Pressure100 has advanced features that you will not find in competing products:

  • Password-protected access tiers ensure greater safety by limiting access to critical settings and functions for specific, authorized users.
  • The data logging feature allows cruise line facility managers to analyze trends for system improvements. Users can select the type of data they wish to log, and log files are exported via USB in a convenient .csv format.
  • Rooster™ Pressure has Door Sensor and Occupied/Unoccupied Room inputs. Corresponding door status configuration controls and occupied/unoccupied room modes of operation are part of the Pressure100’s interface.

Please contact Degree Controls to learn more about the Rooster™ Pressure100. We appreciate the applications you share with us and will continue our work to help with your airflow sensing, monitoring, and control needs.

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