Remote Head Air Velocity Sensors

June 9, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Remote head sensors meet requirements when the sensing area is too small for typical probe-style sensors.

Remote Head Air Velocity Sensors

Wand Sensor Head

Degree Controls F-Series Remote Head Sensors are air velocity and temperature sensors where the sensing element is separate from sensor electronics. Remote head sensors are used in instances where the sensing area is too small for a typical probe-style sensor, high EMI sensitivity conditions, and high vibration scenarios.

Remote head sensors are offered in a variety of sensor head styles to support a broad range of applications. Due to its slim form factor, the wand sensor head is popular with Degree Controls clients. Having an outer diameter of just 0.25”, the wand is available in an assortment of lengths ranging from 1” to 7”. An integral mounting bracket allows for a convenient and reliable wand installation.

Remote head sensors sense flow from either direction and use dual-sensing elements to measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously. To meet the precise application requirements of our customers, remote head sensors are configured to order. In addition to sensor head options, customers may choose from a range of supply voltages, air velocity profiles, and output communication modes. Digital UART or I2C can be configured simultaneously with analog output signals.

F-Series sensors are the most versatile and configurable air velocity and temperature sensors on the market. Whether you are measuring airflow in a duct, on a printed circuit board, or in a containment cabinet, there is an F-Series sensor to meet your requirement specification. Further, with conformal coated electronics and sealed enclosure, F-Series sensors are built to last.

For the critical containment space, Degree Controls manufactures side flow or sidewall sensors for containment cabinets, fume hoods, and pressurized enclosures.

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