Calibrating Velocity Instrumentation

September 28, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Calibrating velocity instrumentation yields accurate measurements and makes good process control possible.

sensor calibration with laser doppler velocimeter

It may be time to calibrate your airflow sensors and instruments. Recalibration ensures sensors and instruments are functioning as accurately as possible and within published specifications. In turn, accurate measurements allow for quality product and good process control.

Degree Controls calibrates velocity instrumentation using a NIST traceable Dantec Laser Doppler Velocimeter. We always perform a full recertification of air velocity sensors and airflow instruments. The sensor recalibration process considers sensor age as well as condition. It exercises the sensor across its entire performance range and reprograms it as needed. Any improvements to our internal algorithms are also programmed in to ensure you’re using the best available firmware.

We know time is important to you. Once we receive the unit(s) we typically complete the recalibrations and ship back within 3 business days. Calibration certificates are provided for measurement traceability, and “before” and “as left” sensor data is available.

To start recalibration, visit us online at, or contact us at and request a recalibration form. Many of our recalibration services may be purchased through our convenient online web store.

We’re committed to getting your air velocity sensors recalibrated and returned to you promptly. Enjoy the autumn season!

The Team at Degree Controls

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