Recalibrate Your Sensors

January 25, 2024 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
Recalibrate Your Sensors

January is a good time to recalibrate your sensors. We recommend a yearly calibration interval, and we will help you with a calibration solution. Once you’ve determined which sensors need recalibrating, please order online at our webstore, or email with your request. “Before data” is an option.

Our expert team conducts NIST traceable velocity sensor calibrations and records and maintains the results. We complete recalibrations in a timely manner and always perform a full recertification of our sensors and sensing instruments. Other calibration sources cannot confirm operation of DegreeC’s airflow sensors across the entire performance range.

Decisions are based on measurement results, and accuracy impacts the quality and performance of products and processes. Initiate sensor recalibration services today to ensure the continued accuracy of your air velocity measurements.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines accuracy as “The degree of conformity of a measured or calculated value to the true value, typically based on a global reference system.

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