Temperature Control

temperature controllers

Temperature controllers manage heating and cooling for stable temperatures

Our temperature controllers can be found embedded within food service equipment, packaging machines, and laboratory test chambers, as well as in industrial processes for the manufacture of medical equipment, optical systems, and semiconductor devices.

Temperature Control Overview

Degree Controls specializes in developing and manufacturing embedded controller solutions to provide precise temperature control and continuous monitoring for mid to large-sized companies around the world. We control any device used in the thermal management system, including fans, heaters, AC or DC motors, pumps and valves. Our thermal management controllers accept sensed or communicated inputs, and are capable of controlling multiple zones or devices independently, and leverage boot loader functionality to ensure field software updates are handled without requiring a service call.

Let us know about your application and what you need to control. With alternatives for open-loop or closed-loop control, some of the factors affecting controller selection are AC/DC input voltage range, total system power, and environmental constraints. Sensor inputs such as temperature, air velocity, or humidity may be used to drive the output response to the host system.

Whether you are looking to automate single or multi-looped processes within your larger product, protect valuable electronic assets from thermal runaway, or achieve safety compliance in your facility, our proven technologies can help you optimize your infrastructure and reduce time-to-market.

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