fan control airflow management

Accommodating a broad range of applications where programmable speed control is needed, our fan controllers are easily integrated into chassis and rack systems, as well as medical products, laboratory hoods, and industrial process equipment. Providing power conditioning, electronic noise suppression and full digital communications, our fan controllers form the heart of some of the world’s most demanding thermal management systems.

Fan Control Overview

Off-the-shelf, programmable DC fan control and monitoring boards provide linear fan RPM control, based on sensed temperature. The temperature may be sensed on the controller board itself, or remotely, using a thermistor cable, so that sensing is done at the most strategic location for optimal thermal management.

Single-fan, 4-fan, and 9-fan controllers perform fan speed control using a high frequency 25 KHz pulse width modulation (PWM) signal, and feature fan performance and predicted failure monitoring. With RS-232 and I2C communication built-in, the fan controllers report status to the host processor, and seamlessly integrate into almost any product. Fan control settings and alarm conditions may be configured by the user in the factory or in the field.

Degree Controls has been developing custom environmental monitoring and control solutions for more than 25 years, and has shipped hundreds of thousands of units. Form factors are flexible, firmware can be modified, and options for supply voltage, AC power architecture, and communication style are available. Our core competency is to customize our existing designs, and to create new designs, to build the solution you’re looking for.

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