HT-510 Underfloor Air Mover

HT-510 HotSpotr

HotSpotr Intelligent Underfloor Air Mover

The HotSpotrTM underfloor air movers eliminate data center hot spots by measuring the temperature at the rack level, and use intelligently controlled fans to pull cold, underfloor air to that region. When multiple HotSpotr’sTM are installed, they operate as a network of devices dynamically pulling cold air where it is needed most, in real-time. This auto-balancing of the valuable cooling supply enhances the effectiveness of your Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs), and can allow the operator to reduce the number of CRAC units altogether, or set newly redundant units to standby.

HotSpotrTM Overview

The HotSpotrTM fan tray cooling tile delivers a variable volume of cool air to server equipment, based on sensed temperature. It can be purchased with or without the perforated floor tile, so the operator may attach to the existing tiles in use, or purchase a drop-in solution. The onboard controller adjusts the fan RPM for the system’s eight fans using inputs from up to two temperature sensors. The temperature range to ramp fans from minimum to maximum speeds is set via a DIP switch accessible from the bottom of the device.

The HotSpotrTM is designed to be located as close as possible to the front face of the most critical racks to be cooled, or in areas where hot spots are common. Two temperature sensors are attached to mounting pads for quick installation to the top of the rack, and the unit connects to AC power. The internal fans are monitored, and if any fan should fail, the neighboring fan will ramp to full speed to compensate for the loss of flow, providing another level of reliability in the data center. Alarms can be connected for remote monitoring in the data center or building management system.

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