Pool Chemical Storage Air Velocity Monitoring

pool chemical storage and air velocity monitoring
February 22, 2021 | Posted By: John Callanan

Rooster™ Ensures Good Ventilation for Chemical Storage

Pool venues and chemical storage areas should be well ventilated to minimize hazards and remove airborne corrosives.  The CDC publishes the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) to help state and local government agencies improve health and safety in pools.  Section 4.9.2 of the MAHC annex covers chemical storage spaces and references local building codes and/or ASHRAE standards or standards such as NFPA 5000, or IBC Section 307.  Rooster™ airflow alarms & monitors from Degree Controls are used for monitoring supply, return, and exhaust air in natatoriums and indoor aquatic facilities.

For many chemical mixing and storage room ventilation systems, the Rooster™ Alarm provides full time tracking of air velocities, ensuring that airflow does not fall below user-defined thresholds.  The airflow sensor may be installed in the ventilation duct, away from the exhaust fan, and the probe-style sensor is typically selected for duct installation.  If there is a loss of airflow, the Rooster™ alarms audibly and visually, to warn against a potential buildup of hazardous vapor and gas.

Pool Chemical Storage Air Velocity Monitoring

The Rooster™ Alarm is designed as a simple retrofit option for ventilation systems and containment cabinets.  Alarm behavior is configurable, and relay outputs are available for communication and control.  Next generation Rooster™ Monitors and Sensors use a color touch screen and intuitive on-screen messaging.  They are designed for applications where airflow needs to be viewed, monitored, alarmed, and communicated.

Use a Rooster™ to help keep air moving safely in and out of your chemical storage space. Contact Degree Controls to learn more about our Rooster™ platform of airflow alarms and monitors.

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