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Air velocity, temperature, and humidity data acquisition instrument.


The S100 series of air velocity switches are designed to monitor airflow in ducts, air handling units, and hood and laboratory exhausts, as well as in industrial processes and electronic systems and enclosures to warn of airflow degradation. The high-performance S100 switch sets a new standard for ease of integration and in-the-field programmability.

User-Defined Functionality

Designed for seamless field integration and to support a diverse range of flow control applications, the S100 features a user adjustable air velocity trip point. Changes or drops in airflow are signaled by the relay output and an on-board LED indicator. Trip point adjustment is done via potentiometer, and positive stops at both ends of travel provide the user with a clear, well-defined range of adjustment.

Sensor heads for air velocity, temperature, and humidity

Best In-Class Sensing

Optimized flow geometry with segregation of velocity and temperature elements for highest accuracy.
Multi-point airflow sensing data collection and logging in real time.

LED Status Indicator

Red/green LED indicator signals power, alarm
and sensor conditions.
USB attached to airflow sensors transmit to the data acquisition instrument.

Hassle-free Installation

Easy duct mounting, with two bracket options (parallel and perpendicular to sensor).

Multi-point airflow sensing data collection and logging in real time.

UV & Corrosion-Resistant Design

Robust, protected probe assembly uses corrosion and UV resistant materials to support a greater range of flow switching applications.
Output Options
Mechanical Relay (N.O./N.C. Polarities)
Configurable Trip Point
Set trip point within .5 - 20 m/s (100 - 4000 fpm)
Universal Voltage
Suitable for applications where an AC or DC supply voltage is encountered
Alarm Behaviors
Configurable Trip Point, Alarm Delay, & Recovery Point

Specs & Details

  • Velocity Range: 0.15m/s to 20m/s (30 fpm to 4,000 fpm)
  • Operating Temperature: -15°C to 60°C (5°F to 140°F)
  • Supply Power Requirements:: 24 VAC/DC +/- 10%
  • Output: 250VAC, 2A, 125VA Max or 220VDC, 2A, 60W Max
  • RoHS Certified 
  • Trip Point Range: 0.5 - 20 m/s (100 - 4000 fpm)
  • Trip Point Repeatability : ± 5%
  • Mechanical Relay: N.C. or N.O.

Normal lead-time for S100 is 2-3 days. For larger orders, approximately 2-3 weeks.
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