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Airflow sensing probes for embedded applications in HVAC, electronics and more.
The embedded air velocity sensing platform by DegreeC sets a new standard in versatile design by empowering users with a range of configuration options for diverse applications. DegreeC sensor designs draw on decades of airflow engineering expertise and market leadership to provide the best-in-class air velocity sensing capability in a multitude of packages including corrosion-resistant probes, remote head transducers, and board mount sensors. In addition to air velocity, humidity and air temperature measuring capabilities, the embedded platform also includes bi-directional or directional airflow sensing options.

Airflow Sensing

F200 - Digital Air Velocity
& Air Temperature Sensor
F-Series Probe -
Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor
F-Series Remote Head -
Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor

Airflow & Humidity Sensing

FH400 - Air Velocity,
Temperature, & Humidity Sensor
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B-Series - Bi-Directional
Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor
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