New & Improved Airflow and Pressure Sensing & Controls

New Rooster monitors and alarms from DegreeC
February 26, 2020 | Posted By: Steve Carter

Degree Controls designed the Rooster™ platform for airflow safety compliance and to empower users with functionality, reliability and ease of use. We remain committed to development of airflow-critical solutions in order to provide our clients with the products they need to stay competitive.

Innovations make your airflow measurement experience better

Our all-new Rooster™ Pressure100 is shipping now. The Pressure100 is an air pressure, temperature and humidity monitor which keeps your environment safe and helps you achieve compliance requirements for pressurized spaces.

A new version of our Rooster™ Monitor100 is coming soon and provides even more value than the current system. The new Monitor100 includes event logging for historical alarm viewing or download, and also provides the ability to save user preferences to a USB thumb drive, for download onto neighboring Monitor100s. Configurable alarm tones are also implemented. Release of the BACnet® capable Rooster™ Monitor200 from Degree Controls is fast approaching. The Monitor200 is our most sophisticated airflow monitoring and alarm system for critical containment applications. It combines the proven functionality of our Monitor100 and Sensor100 with leading edge technology for expanded customer benefit. Advances include BACnet® capability for ease of integration into building management systems, volumetric flow, selectable digital or analog sash sensor input, and configurable relay outputs.

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