New Fume Hood Calibration Features!

April 4, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The Latest Rooster™ Monitor Software Interface Includes New Cabinet Certification Features

Did you know that you can export face velocity data that the Rooster™ Monitor automatically acquires from °C Point for your fume hood performance reports?  The Rooster™ calibration certificate can be exported in convenient .csv format and includes all cabinet calibration data as well as average face velocity at sash high and sash safe positions.  If a calibration due date is entered at end of cabinet airflow calibration, Rooster™ will display a friendly “Calibration Due Soon” reminder one month in advance of the due date.  Certifier contact information may be entered as well. 

Note: Fume hood calibration features are available with the Monitor100/200 and included in firmware versions 1.07 and higher. 

Fume Hood Calibration Features. Sash high Position Average and Import/Export Readouts
Fume Hood Calibration Features
Fume Hood Calibration Features

The Latest Rooster™ Monitor Interface Includes New Fume Hood Calibration Features – Sample Interface Screens

Degree Controls will have the Rooster™ Monitor with °C Point anemometer on display at the CETA Annual Meeting, booth #14, Apr 8 – 11, along with multipoint sensing arrays and airflow pattern visualization products.  Contact us at any time with questions, and we hope to see you there.

The Rooster™ airflow monitor will recognize the °C Point anemometer’s Bluetooth module, guides users through inflow/face velocity testing, and automatically collect measured velocity values.

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