New °C Port1200 Wi-Fi multipoint sensing instrument – Up to 12 channels for air velocity, temperature and humidity measurement with remote access

c port 1200 wifi
September 3, 2020 | Posted By: Jan Fischer

All °C Port Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Instruments are Wi-Fi Enabled

Remote access to your airflow measurement data is now easier than ever. The new °C Port1200 with Wi-Fi is available beginning September 15, 2020, making all multipoint dataloggers from Degree Controls Wi-Fi enabled.

°C Port Wi-Fi Instrument for Scientific Experimentation and Product Testing

The °C Port product family is a multi-channel airflow measurement instrumentation line, specifically designed for the precision demands of multi-point air velocity and air temperature testing, as well as data logging and data acquisition. Simultaneous measurement of air velocity, temperature, and humidity can be done in real-time for up to 12 points with the °C Port1200 Wi-Fi, and 36 points with the °C Port3600 Wi-Fi. Users can choose to integrate °C Port Wi-Fi instruments into their network using the available Ethernet communication interface, or new Wi-Fi communication, and monitor airflow experiments remotely.

c port wifi now available

To provide users with the best accuracy and repeatability, °C Port Wi-Fi instruments include an internal pressure sensor to compensate for changing ambient conditions during testing. In addition, sensor ports are identified and sensors enumerated for ease of use, as well as traceability, in your multipoint airflow experimentation.

c port 1200 for single and multipoint data acquisition

Cohesive Airflow Measurement, Data Logging & Analysis with °C Port Systems

°C Port Wi-Fi instruments are designed to work cohesively with our miniature, instrumentation grade USB airflow sensors and °C SPAR linear arrays, and, by pairing our easy to use AccuTrac™ software with the °C Port, you can turn your Windows PC into a powerful airflow data logging and analysis system.

Contact Degree Controls to purchase a °C Port Wi-Fi instrument for your multipoint airflow measurement and testing today. Trade up your non-Wi-Fi °C Port, and earn credit towards your purchase.

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