New Airflow Measurement Products Coming Q1 2021

new airflow management products coming soon
January 18, 2021 | Posted By: Alex Sargent

Degree Controls has a couple of new things coming soon that may help with your projects and initiatives for this new year.

In response to customer requests for an airflow switch that can be tuned in the field, we will release the S100 air velocity switch in the first quarter of 2021. The S100 is designed to monitor airflow in control cabinets, HVAC ducts, and intake/exhaust systems. The air velocity trip point is easily set by the user with a convenient potentiometer adjustment, and, when airflow drops below the user defined threshold, the S100 switch activates a relay output to provide a low flow alert.

new embedded sensors

Supporting building automation and control network installations and upgrades, we will launch the F500-BACnet sensor in this first quarter as well. The F500-BACnet is a probe style air velocity & temperature sensor with customizable lengths, conformal coated electronics, and BACnet MS/TP communication protocol facilitating system integration. With a typical lead time of 2-3 business days, your F500-BACnet orders will be delivered to you promptly. Contact Degree Controls to find out more about the S100 and F500-BACnet additions to our embedded sensor platform.

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