Multipoint Airflow Instrumentation for Refrigeration Systems

November 9, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to evaluate the airflow performance of refrigeration equipment?

Multipoint Airflow Instrumentation for Refrigeration Systems

Manufacturers of refrigeration equipment are constantly working to improve refrigeration technologies, and their engineering teams rely on multipoint airflow instrumentation as they create new and advanced solutions. For instance, multipoint UAS1000 air velocity and temperature sensors are used to establish fan data for unit coolers, verify air distribution patterns for condensers, and measure the air throw of packaged refrigeration systems.

Multipoint airflow instrumentation

UAS1000 airflow sensors enable accurate and efficient single and multipoint air velocity experimentation. Available in a variety of compact sensor head styles, the UAS1000 series provides users with choices for velocity range (from 30 – 4000 fpm) and the convenience of USB connectivity. Degree Controls USB airflow sensors are designed to work together with °C Port data acquisition instruments and AccuTrac datalogging software, allowing users to collect data for up to 180 sensors simultaneously. Multipoint airflow instrumentation systems also feature plug and play operation. Sensors can be added to an experiment at any time and at any location.

Refrigeration depends on airflow. Degree Controls looks forward to assisting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in selecting airflow instrumentation to verify that their products and systems meet design specifications.

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