Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition

August 23, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to conduct tests and measurements with many sensors?

AccuTrac™ test and measurement software enables users to collect and analyze airflow and temperature data for up to 180 sensors in a single test setup. Engineers, technicians, and manufacturers use AccuTrac for multi-sensor data acquisition, developing real-time test applications for assessment, diagnosis, and validation. AccuTrac makes testing and measurement more efficient and productive. There is no learning curve; programming experience is not required.

Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition

Windows®-based AccuTrac is designed to work cohesively with the °C Port family of multi-channel data acquisition instruments and precise, accurate USB sensors from Degree Controls. Integration of measurement hardware is straightforward, and multipoint systems are plug and play.

AccuTrac software automatically identifies and enumerates sensors for every test setup so that users can quickly understand what data is being displayed. In addition, AccuTrac includes easy-to-use gradient and linear graphing tools for logging velocity and temperature, as well as volumetric calculation tools to help with ASHRAE-based volumetric flow calculations.

Our Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition software, AccuTrac, provides a better way to test airflow and temperature, collecting multiple points of air velocity, air temperature, surface temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure data simultaneously, and in real-time. Work well and save time with AccuTrac airflow and temperature analysis software.

AccuTrac is a licensed tool, with an annual renewal fee for 5 or more channels. Licenses and renewals are available for purchase online. The activation key is sent to the user once the purchase is complete. The license can be transferred to new PCs at any time and allows the user unlimited downloads of AccuTrac to ensure the software is always current. During the license period, any AccuTrac updates are automatically emailed to the user of record.

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