Multi-point Airflow Measurement Simpler with New AccuTrac™ Software & °C Port Wi-Fi Instruments

accutrac wifi and ethernet capable
June 18, 2020 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Multi-point measurement of air velocity, temperature, and humidity is now simpler than ever before. AccuTrac™ software adds the ability to detect our new wireless °C Port data acquisition instruments, giving users the choice of integrating a °C Port instrument into their network using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet communications interface. The enhanced °C Port Wi-Fi is able to work wirelessly where there is no internet connection, due to its Direct Wi-Fi feature, where it can broadcast its own wireless network for your PC to connect to. This is very useful for clients conducting testing in areas where no cellular or building Wi-Fi/LAN network is available.
Enhanced wizards guide you through your choice of airflow sensor connection method, connect via a multi-channel °C Port instrument or the PC’s USB ports, and improvements to AccuTrac™’s user interface make multipoint airflow experimentation even easier and more efficient. Paired with DegreeC’s °C Port family of data acquisition instruments, our Windows® based AccuTrac™ software transforms your PC into a powerful airflow test and analysis system.

Other key features of our AccuTrac™ include:

  • Multi-channel data acquisition collects up to 180 air velocity, air temperature, surface temperature, humidity, & barometric pressure data in real-time
  • Compensation for changing humidity and barometric pressure (altitude)
  • Complete support of Degree Controls’ product line of USB airflow sensors, °C SPAR linear sensor arrays, and °C Port data acquisition instruments
  • Data saved in common file formats (.xlsx, .csv, .png)
  • Easy-to-use graphing tools for logging velocity and temperature via gradient-style or linear-style mapping
  • Volumetric calculation tools to help with ASHRAE-based volumetric flow calculations
accutrac wifi network
accutrac ethernet network

Contact a DegreeC representative with questions about the AccuTrac™ software package. Active subscribers will receive a download link for the new version.

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