Measure & Monitor Airflow for Safer Learning Environments

airflow sensors for safe educational environments
August 7, 2020 | Posted By: Alex Sargent

Back to School with Confidence

As summer goes by, school personnel, parents, and students alike are working on their back to school preparations. Understanding airflow is a key element of school readiness, and there are resources available to help us make informed decisions:

Airflow Measurement for Safe Learning

A nearby university recently performed airflow testing in their arena to confirm proper ventilation for a large gathering, and educational institutions around the world are adapting their HVAC systems and campus strategies in response to the need to convene safely.

Use DegreeC’s duct mounted air velocity and temperature sensors to measure and monitor air velocity to verify that HVAC systems are working as designed, and that minimum ventilation rates for classrooms and lecture halls are being met. Take advantage of the F200’s digital communication, or use an F300, F400 or F500 if analog output is required.

embedded airflow sensors for schools

Monitor airflow on the clean side of filters using embedded airflow sensors and S-Series switches from DegreeC. Keep air clean, and change filters before air quality and system performance are compromised.  

Analyze airflow patterns in classroom spaces with a DegreeC fogger. Determine if the HVAC system is introducing any turbulence that might increase the risk of airborne transmission of infectious diseases.

Degree Controls airflow measurement tools are used to assess indoor air quality and ensure that HVAC systems are working as designed. Whether you’re involved in readying school and university buildings for reopening, or considering the difficult choice of in person, hybrid, or remote learning scenarios, understanding airflow is important. Reach out to Degree Controls with questions about our airflow products and sensing and control technologies. 

 We wish you a safe, healthy, and successful school year.

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