Making Space for Patient Care

rooster pressure100 for patient care
April 30, 2020 | Posted By: John Callanan

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are implementing increased patient capacity by making additional spaces for patient care. Maintaining these rooms or spaces at negative pressure is critical to ensuring the safety of surrounding areas and minimize cross-contamination.

Rooster™ Pressure100 – Fast to Setup, Easy to Use

The Rooster™ Pressure100 air pressure monitor and alarm from Degree Controls can verify negative pressure prior to placing a room into service and provide continuous monitoring of the room thereafter. The Pressure100 is a plug and play system, fast to set up, and easy to use. With a glove-friendly, color touchscreen for configuring alarm set points and output behavior, the Pressure100 alarms audibly and visually, and can also be easily integrated into your laboratory or building management system. The Pressure100 displays real-time air pressure and conveys safety by updating the color of the background screen. Critical alarms are augmented with a blinking LED. In addition to air pressure and pressure mode, the Pressure100 monitors and displays temperature and relative humidity, and features data logging export via the built USB port for your documentation and compliance recordkeeping.

rooster pressure100 for healthcare industry

Airflow Safety Support
Contact Degree Controls for help with airflow safety and pressure measurements for negative isolation rooms and negative air pressure environments. Our Rooster™ Airflow Alarm & Monitor platform provides users with a reliable, high-accuracy, hassle-free safety airflow safety and compliance (NSF/ANSI-49 & OSHA) solution for laboratories, clean rooms, and critical ventilation systems.

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