Introducing Rooster™ Sensor200

February 3, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
Introducing Rooster™ Sensor200
BACnet® Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor with Display

Introducing the Rooster™ Sensor200 from Degree Controls, the first BACnet® air velocity and temperature sensor with built-in color touch panel for facility management professionals to achieve local and remote alerts concurrently. The Rooster™ Sensor200 comes calibrated and ready to deploy with a probe-style sensor to monitor ducted airflow. Sensor200 provides real-time audible and visual notification at the display module, and simultaneous communication to a building controller over RS485 with the BACnet® MS/TP communication protocol. For time savings and convenience, physical and digital configuration programming also work together. Users may configure Sensor200 using its own touch screen display, or remotely, through BACnet®.

The Rooster™ Sensor200 is feature-rich, delivering maximum flexibility and control to airflow monitoring applications. Alarm output behavior is fully-configurable to meet a variety of application needs, and dual password protection allows users to personalize operational experience, but not override safety features set by facility managers. To future-proof airflow monitoring investments, Sensor200’s built-in USB port allows for in-the-field firmware updates. Advanced controls include I/O to drive fans, lighting, or a separate alarm to signal that a bypass control mode is active, useful in notifying users that a backup fan is moving air. In addition, Sensor200’s PI output may be applied for setpoint control.

The Rooster™ Sensor200 is ideal for monitoring airflow in ducts as well as inlets and outlets of manifold systems, where users want to know if a leg of the air system has been compromised. The probe sensor is 287mm (11.3”) long to access larger ducts and is securely mounted using the included clamp-style fitting. To initiate airflow monitoring with the Sensor200, simply install the sensor and display module, and then configure alarm thresholds. Volumetric flow is easily enabled by entering duct information, and ACH (air changes per hour) functionality is available to measure the air volume added to, or removed from, spaces within buildings.

“This is the first airflow sensor that can be configured at the device itself, or from the building controller, where users can monitor system status locally, while the sensor communicates with the building system”, said John Callanan, Account Manager for Degree Controls.

Degree Controls Inc. began in the 1990s as a thermal management solutions company, focusing on cooling applications within the telecommunications industry. In 2005, DegreeC entered the intelligent sensing market with multi-point airflow sensing capabilities. The new product platforms for embedded sensing, airflow tools & instrumentation, and airflow and pressure alarms & monitors leverage the electronics and digital communications expertise developed in the controls group and the sensor technologies.

We hope that the local and remote information exchange provided by the Rooster™ Sensor200 strengthens internal communication for our clients and helps them meet demands for reduced energy consumption. With its advanced feature set, Sensor200 is aimed at giving customers maximum flexibility to effectively address their airflow, system, and process control requirements.

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