Improve Air Cleaners by Adding Board Mount Airflow Sensors

March 19, 2021 | Posted By: Alex Sargent

Air purifiers or air cleaners remove contaminants from the air in a room or space to improve indoor air quality.  They work by pulling air in, moving air through a filtration system to capture, or neutralize, pollutants and/or particles, and then pushing cleaned air back out.  Many air purifiers include a fan.

Whether the system consists of HEPA, activated carbon, UVGI, or some combination of technologies, it should be able to provide design airflow throughout the entire loading process of filters and through disinfection zones and indicate when it’s time for a filter change.   

By incorporating small form factor board mount airflow sensors into air cleaning systems, OEMs may:

  • Check fan operation by measuring the speed of air produced by the fan
  • Monitor the velocity of air moving through filters to identify when it’s time for a filter change
  • Optimize UV dosing by measuring air velocity and temperature in real-time

Compact F66x Board Mount airflow sensors from Degree Controls are designed to measure and monitor airflow, in real-time, within dense electronic systems and enclosures.  These digital output air velocity and air temperature sensors can be soldered directly to a printed circuit board, or plugged into a surface-mount socket for easy removal.  Small footprint F66x sensors are available in horizontal (F661/F663) and vertical profiles (F660/F662) and at a price point compatible with air cleaners and air purifiers.

Air cleaners and air purifiers can be improved by adding board mount airflow sensors.

We understand how important clean air and airflow are for good health.  Improve the performance of your air cleaning and air purification products with our air velocity sensors

Are you an OEM looking for ways to optimize your products?

We are a manufacturer too, with engineers and consultants who can work with you to integrate our airflow products to help you achieve the efficiencies and product improvements that you’re looking for. We’re happy to help.

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