HotSpotr™ Airflow Management for Datacenters

July 9, 2021 | Posted By: Phil Daniels

HotSpotr™ HT-510 underfloor air movers eliminate data center hot spots

Data centers vary in size, location, and purpose, having diverse and continually evolving architectures. Enterprise managed services, and colocation data centers are just a few of the types of data centers that store, process, and disseminate data. Despite the differences, managing airflow remains a common, and consequential, aspect of achieving data center performance goals.

HotSpotr™ Airflow Management for Datacenters underfloor air movers eliminate data center hot spots by measuring the temperature at the rack level, and then intelligently controlling fans to pull cold, underfloor air to where it is needed.

Data center managers routinely add Degree Controls HotSpotr™ Airflow Management for Datacenters to their cooling strategies to increase data center efficiency. The underfloor fan tray delivers a variable volume of cool air upward, to the intake side of the computer, server, and IT equipment, based on sensed temperature:

  • HotSpotr™ eliminates hot spots. Place the two included temperature sensors where needed for localized control. The onboard controller adjusts fan RPM for the system’s eight fans based on inputs from up to two of the temperature sensors.
  • HotSpotr™ increases cooling effectiveness. It pulls air to where you need it, overcoming underfloor congestion and room layout.
  • HotSpotr™ installation is straightforward. It can be purchased with or without an ASM 56% open area perforated floor tile and fits seamlessly into the flooring system. With easy, drop-in installation, HotSpotr™ uses < 5” of underfloor space.
  • HotSpotr™ is a plug and play solution. Simply install and power on to achieve immediate cooling results.

Use HotSpotr™ Airflow Management for Datacenters underfloor air movers to maintain safe rack temperatures, increase IT capacity, and boost containment efficiency. For data centers having adequate cooling tonnage, adding HotSpotr™ underfloor air movers to redistribute cooling air is much more cost-effective than installing an additional CRAC unit.

Degree Controls Bi-directional air velocity sensors measure and output airflow direction to ensure the integrity of flow in hot aisle/cold aisle data centers. 

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