HotSpotr™ 2.0 Coming Soon!

December 14, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

We’re looking forward to a new year and the release of our HotSpotr™ 2.0 underfloor air mover. The HotSpotr™ 2.0 removes hot spots from data center facilities. It’s designed to be installed under a perforated tile in a raised floor system, to deliver air upward, to the inlet side of server racks. HotSpotr™ 2.0 fan speed is automatically adjusted using the included temperature sensor, or, the user can set the fan speed directly to eliminate sensor wiring.

HotSpotr™ 2.0 delivers 65% more airflow, to eliminate the largest hotspots. Fan fault monitoring is built-in, with an alarm output connection to your BMS or DCM system for remote monitoring and control.

HotSpotr™ 2.0 Coming Soon

HotSpotr™ 2.0 is capable, easy to use, and has appealing new features. It works with many access floors and provides real-time alarming to any building management system (BMS). In addition, installation of the plug and play device is easier than ever before. Simply specify the type of perforated floor tile in your data center, and you will receive a convenient hardware kit to mount HotSpotr™ 2.0 to your panel. Install the underfloor fan module at the hot spot area, and power on to immediately distribute conditioned air where it’s needed. The low-profile HotSpotr™ 2.0 is purpose built for underfloor applications and pulls cool plenum air through the fan to boost airflow in data center spaces. 

Explore other airflow and thermal management solutions from Degree Controls to help keep your data center cool. Bi-directional air velocity sensors measuring airflow direction to ensure the integrity of flow in hot aisle/cold aisle data centers is just one of the ways dynamic airflow response can maximize uptime.

Note:  ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 90.4-2019, Energy Standard for Data Centers, establishes the minimum energy-efficiency requirements for the design and operation of data centers.

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