Healthcare Air Pressure Monitoring

June 1, 2021 | Posted By: John Callanan

Properly pressurizing rooms (positive or negative) protects patients, visitors, and staff in hospitals and health care facilities. ASHE (American Society for Health Care Engineering) provides examples of positively pressurized rooms, designed to keep airborne contaminants out, and negatively pressurized rooms, designed to contain airborne contaminants

Now, more than ever, hospitals and healthcare facilities are searching for ways to improve environmental infection prevention and control, and we have been listening. The Rooster™ Pressure100 from Degree Controls monitors and displays air pressure, temperature, and humidity simultaneously and is offered complete with data logging capability. Our base model Pressure100 includes advanced features that you will not find in competing products.

Air pressure monitor for the healthcare industry including hospital ICUs.
Air pressure monitoring for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and cleanrooms

Pressure100’s real-time display of air pressure, temperature, and humidity gives patients and staff confidence in the healthcare environment. When differential pressure moves beyond user-defined thresholds, the Pressure100 alarms both visually and audibly. Whole screen background colorization conveys the current state, and alarm behaviors are configurable to meet the needs of facilities. The wall-mount Rooster™ is easy to install and operate with glove-friendly, color touch screen and intuitive graphical interface. 

The Pressure100’s automatic data logging frees staff members up to focus on other essential work and is much more reliable than labor-intensive, manual recordkeeping processes. Historical data from the Pressure100 can be used to show facility compliance to healthcare accreditation organizations, as well as identify trends and risk areas before serious problems occur.  (Note:  TJC – The Joint Commission accredits more than 20,000 health care programs and organizations in the US.)

The Pressure100 includes a built-in USB port for data logging download, relay output for remote monitoring of the alarm condition, and inputs for Door Sensor and Occupied/Unoccupied Room. Rooster™ will help you comply with USP <797>, USP <800>, and FDA 503a/b guidelines.

For us, it’s about you. We strive to provide the healthcare air pressure monitoring solutions you need, with the best quality and value. Improve your air quality measures with the Rooster™ Pressure100, and make a positive impact on the health, safety, and success of your organization.

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