Fume Hood Testing Tools

April 20, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Anemometers, sensor arrays, and foggers designed to work cohesively with airflow monitors

Degree Controls has the fume hood testing tools you need to test and evaluate fume hood performance and ventilation effectiveness, along with fume hood monitors to continuously track face velocity.

The °C Point thermal anemometer is used to measure air velocity at grid sampling points across the front face of fume hoods. Face velocity testing efficiency gains are made with the °C SPAR sensor pole array system which measures multiple points of velocity simultaneously. Multipoint °C SPAR instrumentation systems are ideal for those who need to test a large number of hoods or cabinets on a regular basis.

For assessing airflow patterns inside and around fume hoods, the °C Breeze is our most popular fog generator. However, when laboratory professionals need extra assurance that no mold-making particles could be present in the fog fluid itself, they turn to the FlowMarker™ fogger with tamper-proof fog fluid. FlowMarker is our high-end, precision fogger instrument, designed to last for a decade

Fume Hood Testing Tools

To meet your critical containment solution requirements, our Rooster platform of fume hood monitors includes several base models to choose from. Airflow monitors range from simple retrofit options to high-level alarm systems with color touchscreen display panel.

Contact sales@degreec.com to learn more about our fume hood testing tools and ask about how you can add your own custom faceplate to the Rooster fume hood monitor. We look forward to talking with you!

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