Fume Hood Monitor is Capable, Versatile, and Can Save You Time

September 3, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Fume Hood Safety with Rooster™ Monitor100

Rooster Fume Hood Monitor

The health and safety features of chemical fume hoods are significant to researchers and laboratory workers. When buying chemical fume hoods, EH&S professionals and laboratory managers examine safety controls early in the selection process. Rooster™ fume hood monitors from Degree Controls continuously measure the velocity of air coming into the hood to help ensure containment. With choices for side flow and probe-style air velocity sensors, Rooster™ can monitor hood face velocity or exhaust flow, and audible and visible alarms alert users if airflow is inadequate. Rooster™ also helps facilities comply with the safety standards and guidelines outlined in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1450.

Laboratory personnel find the Rooster™ Monitor100 easy to use. The color touch screen works with gloves, and the concise, intuitive interface guides users through setup and operation. Rooster™ provides a clear indication of current airflow status with its color-coded screen background, indicator LED, and relay outputs for airflow alarm and sash alarm. Air velocity and temperature measurements are updated in real time.

Rooster™ airflow monitor and alarm technology is well accepted in critical containment applications. Clients find value in the Monitor100’s safety performance, ease of use, and many advanced features:

  • Alarm behavior, alarm tone, and device volume are configurable to meet specific organizational needs.
  • Password protected access tiers prevent users from overriding safety features set by facility managers.
  • Rooster™ Monitor100’s Night Setback input accepts a remote signal, usually initiated by a building management system (BMS), to change behavior during low flow conditions. Such occupancy-based lab operation can result in significant energy savings. 
  • Small to large-size laboratory spaces alike appreciate the operational consistency and time savings that comes with the ability to transfer system settings from one Rooster™ to another via USB.

And there’s more. Contact Degree Controls today for your airflow monitor and alarm needs. The Rooster™ Monitor100 is produced domestically and available to you now.

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