Fume Hood and BSC Airflow Monitors

March 15, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Fume hood and BSC airflow monitors meet core needs and extend to feature-rich controllers with advanced capabilities.

Fume hood and BSC airflow monitors
Fume Hood and BSC Airflow Monitors

Rooster™ airflow monitors are ideal for new and retrofit installations for fume hoods and biological safety cabinets (BSCs). If the airflow monitor you’ve been buying has been discontinued, or if you are experiencing longer-than-usual lead times, take a look at airflow alarms and monitors from Degree Controls to fill your backlog of orders. The Rooster™ platform is domestically produced and offers choices, giving users just what they need for critical containment and laboratory applications. Fume hood face velocity, biosafety cabinet downflow, and enclosure exhaust flow are just a few of the cases where Rooster™ provides full-time tracking of air velocities.

While each model has a different feature set, all Rooster™ airflow monitoring systems include audible and visual alarming and digital I/O. The Rooster™ Alarm is a simple, go/no-go monitor to continuously monitor airflow safety. The Rooster™ Monitor is more advanced. Its digital touch screen display of measured air velocity and temperature, whole screen background colorization indicating current state, and on-screen notifications provide users with comprehensive airflow information in real time. Users may select from sidewall, probe-style, or inline sensors, and sensors are fully interchangeable among all models of Rooster™ airflow monitors. 

There are Rooster™ airflow monitors for the most basic of fume cupboards to more complex ventilated enclosures having requirements for BACnet® communication and sophisticated controls for VAV systems or auto sash. Purchase a Rooster™ today for airflow safety, compliance, and protection. Private labeling and custom features are available. 

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