Flow Monitor Boosts the Performance of Ventilation Systems

April 18, 2024 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
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Do you want a better HVAC system?

The S100 is an air velocity switch with an adjustable set point that monitors airflow and operates an output relay and indicator LED. The flow monitor provides an economical way to detect a change or loss of air velocity caused by obstructed or leaky ductwork, a damper that’s out of position, industrial fan failure, or a clogged air filter. Since the S100 prevented a costly overheating situation for one of our customers, they just called for more, to outfit other machines used in their production facilities.

Flow monitor, S100 switch with clamps

Detecting flow using a glass-coated bead anemometer technology, the S100 lights the LED green for good airflow with air velocity above the set point.  When velocity drops below the set point, it switches the relay output and produces a blinking red LED light for an alarm condition. NC (normally closed) and NO (normally open) relay contacts are available to signal your building management systems.

Featuring an adjustable velocity set point, the alarm threshold is easily changed by turning the potentiometer at the base of the S100 probe. The flow monitor offers a choice of 5-12VDC or 24VAC/VDC input voltage and meets low, medium, and high-velocity requirements with a velocity range of 0.15m/s to 20m/s (30 fpm to 4,000 fpm).

Augment your industrial ventilation system with the S100 airflow switch to protect equipment from damage if there is a loss of cooling air, avoid decreased efficiencies, and keep spaces clean, comfortable, and safe.

The S100 air velocity switch responds to the overall cooling flow across the bead. As the bead is increasingly cooled with higher velocity, the sensor’s processor examines the ambient temperature, and the rate of cooling, to determine the absolute value of velocity across the bead. The S100 flow monitor is designed to automatically compensate for temperature.

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