FH400 Humidity and Airflow Sensor for Vivariums

February 11, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The FH400 humidity and airflow sensor measures humidity, velocity, and temperature concurrently for the monitoring and control of vivarium environments. 

FH400 Humidity and Airflow Sensor for Vivariums
FH400 Sensor is Used to Monitor and Control Critical Animal Research Facility Environments

Are you an animal research Facility Manager or Vivarium Safety Officer who needs to ensure that proper environmental conditions, such as humidity, temperature, and ventilation, are met at all times? The FH400 from Degree Controls is a humidity, air velocity, and air temperature transducer for monitoring environments in animal holding facilities or vivariums. Continuous monitoring and controlling of vivarium conditions helps ensure the safety and well-being of animals, as well as maintain the integrity of expensive, time-consuming research.  

The FH400 humidity and airflow sensor for vivariums uses discrete sensing elements to measure humidity, air velocity, and air temperature simultaneously. Sensor output may be configured as analog or digital to transmit airflow and humidity information to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or direct digital controller (DDC). Continuous tracking of humidity and airflow with the FH400 allows for system fault detection, precise adjustment of animal-related ventilation systems, and automatic data collection for research studies and compliance record keeping. Reports for regulatory bodies are then easily generated.

The FH400 accurately measures the three parameters of humidity, air velocity, and air temperature in a single probe-style package. It is designed with conformal coated electronics and sealed enclosure, providing a level of protection against corrosive ammonia and harmful cleaning agents. FH400 sensors are configured to order, offering users choices to best meet their application needs. Options for sensor length, velocity range, and output communication style are available. The robust airflow transducer with built-in humidity sensing is easily installed in animal housing rooms or procedure rooms using a gland nut or clamp-style fitting. The FH400 may also be attached to mobile testing stations. 

Achieve continuous monitoring and precise control of vivarium research laboratory environments with the FH400. Regardless of the size of your research facility, the FH400 humidity, velocity, and temperature sensor will help provide the environmental stability required to minimize physiological and behavioral changes in animals that could compromise research results.

OLAW (Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare) oversees the care and use of research animals. Institutions must have an Assurance on file with OLAW to receive PHS (Public Health Service) funding.

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