Face Velocity Thermo-Anemometer

October 18, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Face velocity thermo-anemometer interfaces directly with Rooster™ airflow monitor for fume hood certification.

Airflow Alarm Automatically Captures Face Velocity Measurements for Fume Hood Certification

Degree Controls is continually improving Rooster™ airflow and pressure alarms and monitors. With the latest Rooster™ interface software, users have the option to perform their own cabinet calibration, with automated entry of face velocity measurements acquired from a calibrated anemometer. Rooster™ is the only airflow alarm on the market to support direct plug-in of a certification sensor. The UAS1000 reference sensor connects directly to the built-in USB port on Rooster™ and measures face velocity at user defined sampling points across the sash plane. Rooster™ automatically calculates average face velocity from the reference sensor’s measurements for sash high and sash safe positions to establish low flow and normal operating conditions.

The Rooster™ platform provides solutions managers can put in place to maintain airflow safety. Products range from simple retrofits to advanced controllers that monitor airflow or pressure with a touchscreen display for configuring alarm set points and output behaviors. There is a Rooster™ touchscreen device to fit any need:

  • The Monitor100 offers choice of probe, inline, or sidewall style airflow sensor and is easily calibrated in its application environment.
  • The Monitor200 is a feature-rich, programmable airflow controller with BACnet® MS/TP capability, the standard data communication protocol for building automation and control networks.
  • The Sensor100 comes pre-calibrated with a probe-style sensor and handles volumetric flow rate calculations.

Our pressure monitor uses a through-the-wall differential pressure sensor and has data-logging capabilities. Pressure100 is well suited for critical containment applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing, clean rooms, and hospitals.  

Stay ahead of compliance with Rooster™ airflow and pressure alarms and monitors designed to meet NSF/ANSI-49, OSHA, and USP guidelines for airflow safety.

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