Face Velocity Testing with °C SPAR Saves Time

March 29, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
Face Velocity Testing with °C SPAR

The °C SPAR air velocity sensor array delivers a precise profile of inward face velocity for a fume hood or biosafety cabinet (BSC) by measuring multiple points of airflow simultaneously. Paired with the °C Port data acquisition instrument and Windows®-based AccuTrac™ software, users can collect airflow data from multiple points in real time.

The °C SPAR multipoint airflow measurement solution offers significant time savings as compared to the single point measurement approach. For a 3-row x 6-column face velocity traverse, a single point anemometer probe would require 18 discrete positions to cover the face velocity grid. In contrast, a 6-sensor °C SPAR array corresponding to sash width would require just 3 positions to cover the entire grid. Face velocity testing with °C SPAR is effective.

°C SPAR sensor arrays feature convenient USB connections to plug directly into a °C Port multi-channel data logger. The overall length of the array, sensor quantity, and sensor spacing are specified by the user to correspond with sash openings of cabinets or cupboards tested most frequently. °C SPAR may be oriented horizontally or vertically to provide side-to-side or top-to-bottom velocity measurements in the plane of the hood sash.

6-Sensor °C SPAR Array Corresponding to Sash Width
6-Sensor °C SPAR Array Corresponding to Sash Width

The AccuTrac™ datalogging software collects airflow data for as many as 180 sensor points in real time, so more than one °C SPAR may be used to collect velocity measurements across a sash plane. With AccuTrac™, users may set data polling quantity and choose the polling interval. Velocity measurements are saved in a universal .csv format, and all airflow data files are date and time stamped.

Whether you’re working to establish an “as manufactured” (AM) rating for containment equipment, or evaluating fume hood performance “as installed” (AI) or “as used” (AU), °C SPAR multipoint airflow measurement solutions can provide a more efficient and reliable means of testing face velocity, or even downflow.

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