Thermal Heritage

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Airflow Design Expertise From Chip to CRAC to Rack

DegreeC draws from decades of thermal design expertise in a range of mission-critical industries in the development of airflow control infrastructures for data centers of diverse scale, IT density, and facility layout. We approach data centers with the same engineering principles and scalar vision that lead us to unprecedented efficiency and thermal safety gains in the IT market space with our board-mount sensor portfolio, where we achieved the smallest, form-factor airflow sensing and control solution available today. Alongside our board-mount sensors, designed for real-time measurement and optimization of thermal and flow conditions in PCB environments, we also have a history designing custom airflow controllers for the Telecom sector and for critical Medical equipment such as MRI scanners. We employ a holistic approach in the development of data center solutions, drawing from our successes and the past design challenges we have overcome, to provide a robust and versatile array of airflow control and optimization solutions for data centers of all varieties.