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The folder includes files for customers to access to send in products for repair as well as sending in sensors for recalibration.

°C Breeze Data Sheet

Updated on 22 July 2016
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  • C Breeze Fog Generator Data Sheet

  Download cbreeze-datasheet.pdf

Portable, handheld fog generator for tracing air currents, commissioning ventilation systems and demonstrating flow paths in sanitary environments.

°C Breeze Manual

Updated on 22 July 2016
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  • C Breeze Fog Generator Manual

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The °C Breeze Fog generator is used for the visualization of airflow profiles, using low impulse, thermally neutral fog. This handheld device allows mobility in large areas or remote locations where a direct connection to power is not practical. 

°C Breeze Quick Start Guide & MSDS

Updated on 16 February 2015
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  Download C_Breeze_MSDS_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf