Airflow Safety Alarm Platform

Designed as simple retrofit option for fume hoods and biosafety cabinets, The Rooster™ is a fast, reliable, and affordable way to make your lab OSHA and NSF-49/ANSI compliant.  The Rooster™ represents next generation airflow alarm technology, combining a rich set of customizable features with unprecedented ease of installation and configuration. Choose from the Duct Mounted Sensor (BSC), Sidewall Mounted Sensor (Fume Hood) or In-line Standard Fixture retro-fit sensor. To provide advanced users with greater visibility and controls, we now have a full HD touchscreen display option for the alarm module. Interface your Alarm system with your Building Management System to save energy with our Night Set-back feature.

Product Line  

  • RoosterTM Monitor 

    Product Features:

    • Includes large, full color Resistive Touch screen display with prominent text and easy to use GUI designed for gloved or non-gloved hands
    • Touch screen provides brightly illuminated real-time airflow face velocity data including sash position and night-set back status.
    • Instrumentation-class sensing element, with temperature compensation built-in for best performance and fastest calibration
    • On screen prompts for; alarm reporting, statement of current status, or error messages
    • Multi-tiered, password-protected user access levels
    • Measure Air Velocity ranges between .2-10 m/s [40-2000fpm]

    pdf button Data Sheet
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  • RoosterTM CFH 

    Product Features:

    • One-step push-button calibration
    • Quick installation process
    • Configurable Alarm Threshold (Setup capability for OSHA Compliance)
    • Customizable alarm tones, warning lights and latching behaviors
    • Available with probe, sidewall and inline sensor options
    • Measures Air Velocity range of 40-2000 fpm (0.2 – 10 m/s) 

    pdf button Data Sheet
    pdf button Sidewall Sensor Installation Guide
    pdf button Calibration Guide

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Sensor & Configuration Options

  • rooster inline 250x
  • rooster sidewall sensor 250thumbnail
  • rooster probe 250thumbnail



Industrial Applications

  • laboratory & research
    • Biosafety cabinets (NSF/ANSI-49)

    • Chemical Fume Hoods (OSHA)
    • Clean Rooms

    • Containment Benches

    • Air exchangers for animal caging
    • Operating Rooms

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  • hvac
    • Medical Ventilation Systems

    • Pharmaceutical Factory HVAC Systems

    • HEPA filtration zones

    • Leak detection
    • Biosafety Cabinets & Chemical Fume Hoods

    hvac induct app 150x250
  • transportation
    • Specimen transport & animal caging

    • Controlled or hazardous material transport

    transporation auto app 150x250
  • food service
    • Fume hoods and industrial food service equipment

    • Leak detection in critical ventilation systems

    • Filtration zones or ducts

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