Data Center Airflow Measurement

data center airflow MeasurementDegreeC sensing technologies harness anemometry and uniquely patented multipoint networked sensing tools to aggregate and trend airflow and thermal data streams with ease in data centers. Our engineering team works with Data center operators on a case-by-case basis to design client-specific solutions that measure airflow, temperature and humidity at any node of your facility infrastructure.

Work with AdaptivCOOL to measure airflow in the following data center applications:

 bullet airflow   Perforated tile rack airflow output (CFM) measurement and visualization 

bullet capacity  
Coefficient of Performance (CoP) Real-time or trending CRAC airflow (CFM) output

bullet analytics  Airflow pattern modeling and performance trending 

bullet thermometer  Rack inlet temperatures, rack/server exhaust temperatures, CRAC  
     Delta Δ temperatures

bullet pc  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model verification and testing

bullet uptime  Underfloor air reservoir pressure calculation and measurement